Lashnv Lash lift

Lashnv is a revolutionary new technique designed to make your lashes look longer and fuller without the need for lash extensions.

Immediate Results

This 45 minute, relaxing treatment enhances your natural lashes for 6 to 8 weeks,giving you fuller and longer lashes instantly.

No Maintenance

Maintenance free lashes that last,absolutely hassel free, that's......

. NO top up

. NO infill

. NO extra costs

Simply rebook 6 to 8 weekis after your treatment to keep your lashes looking fabulously lifted!

Be Kind to your Lashes

Your lashnv treatment is gentle on your lashes,there is  NO glue and NO extensions.

colour Boost

your lashnv technician will also enhance the look of your lashes by giving your lashes a luscious dark colour  boost, so you wont even need mascara!


Lashnv Lash lift

Lash lift with tint

Lashnv lash lift with tint 1 hour £28.00