Extreme Brazilian waxing.

I have been trained by Kim Lawless The Wax Queen. So I can offer you the best in extreme intimate waxing.Kim Lawless is the UKs leading authority in extreme waxing and has made many media appearances.

Some things you need to know

Please arrive for your appointments clean and fresh or I may refuse to wax you.

This is EXTREME WAXING so you will need to remove your underwear so I can give you the best possible results. Please don`t be shy!

Hair needs to have 3 to 4 weeks of growth for the best results, I want you to have to best so please let your hair grow!

If your hair is longers you may trim it to around half an inch, this may also help to reduce pain!

Basic bikini £10.00

Inside knickerline and crease of leg.

High Leg £15.00

Narrow sides,top of pubic line & underneath.

G-string £27.00

Butt crack , high sides, leaves hair over labia but takes it very narrow leaving a neat triangle.

Brazilian £37

Butt crack, outer labia , inner labia , leaving a neat landing strip.

Hollywood £37

All off, every hair removed , butt crack outer labia , inner labia pubic hair.

After Care

For 24 hours after your wax , avoid hot baths/showers. Also swimming , spas , saunas , hot tubs as the chlorine may irritate the skin. Also avoid perfumes and deoderants on the area that has been waxed.

gentle exfoliation should be done every 2 to 3 days , but be gentle as if you are too rough you might cause ingrowing hairs. Always moisturise well afterwards.