The softened callus is gently scraped away.
The foot is polished with a foot file and moisturiser is applied.

Callus peel

Don`t just dream about Pretty Feet.........

Calluses can form due to repeated pressure, friction or other irritation, causing your body's defence mechanism to react to protect the underlying layers of skin. Although Calluses can form anywhere on the body, they are most common on the feet since these support our body weight and the skin is therefore under a lot of pressure. Callus Peel is promoted as the only "Blade Free" professional callus removal treatment in England and has been widely acclaimed as the safest and most effective method currently available.



Heels £22.50
Heels and balls £27.50
Callus Peel Delux Treatment £35.00

Delux treatment with callus peel followed by foot bath and exfoliation/masque

The procedure is carried out in four simple steps.

The procedure is carried out in four simple steps.

1. Patch n Wrap A Callus Peel patch is applied to the area to be treated and held in place by wrapping.

2. Peel After approximately 10 minutes the wrapping and patch are removed, exposing the softened Keratin. This is then scraped away using a plastic tool especially designed for safe and easy use.

3. File Once the bulk of the callus has been removed, the area is polished with a foot file.

4. Moisturise A moisturising conditioner is applied to the treated area to rejuvinate and deodorise the newly exposed skin.

The treatment of calluses on the feet will vary according to the individual. Both heels and soles may require treatment and where the layer of Keratin is severe, a course of treatment may be required

Treatment is NOT recommended if you are Pregnant or a Diabetic